Thursday, January 13, 2011

New Year, New Post

We're only 12 days into the new year--time to get started on those new year's resolutions!  I'm a fan of resolutions, but not the "new year" variety, simply because we're called to constant conversion and bettering ourselves.  At any rate, I've a few resolutions of my own this month--some new, some old--a few bad habits I'd like to kick, a few good habits I'd like to acquire, and so on.  Here are those I'll share:
  • Daily Scripture--I think I'm defeating the Catholic stereotype about knowing zip about Scripture by a slim margin, but not much.  Regardless, I want to make this a priority.
  • Daily Mass--At least 3 days a week other than Sunday.  Going to Mass 4 out of 7 days each week can only be a good thing. 
  • Grocery Shop and Cook--Post-September Eat-In Challenge (which was relatively successful, btw), I've failed miserably at this.  However, with a stock of awesome cookbooks received for Christmas (I'm in America's Test Kitchen utopia here), I plan to try my hand at more than a few new dishes.  Something simple to start: Guinness Beef Stew!
  • Call More Often--Living 500 miles away from your next of kin isn't easy.  Facebook makes keeping in touch simple, but a status update does not a relationship make.  No excuses on this one! 
  • More Sleep and More Exercise--More exercise will lead to improved sleep, and vice versa.  It's all a matter of getting up at a reasonable hour...I just hate mornings.
  • Plan and Save--*sigh*
In other news, I celebrated my fifth year at the government job a few days ago.  What's the significance of pushing paper and working diligently at those "other duties as assigned"?  Yours truly is now fully vested in the Federal Employee Retirement System (FERS).  This means that around 2040, should the government have any money left and FERS still exist, I will receive some sort of monthly pension.  It doesn't seem very exciting now, but it might when I'm older...maybe.

Reflecting on the past five years and the various things I've done there, I slipped into the courtroom for some alone time.  I spent a few minutes trying to recall--perhaps revive--the feelings I had when I interviewed for and started the job.  Alas, I was unsuccessful.  A few weeks back, I went so far as to turn down meeting a well-known jazz musician, simply because I wanted to wear jeans to work.  To wrap up this post, I leave you with an exchange I had with a friend this evening, followed by an awesome song (but weird video) by Aerosmith.

Friend: Did you listen to Obama's speech?
Me: No.
Friend: Me either.  Go us for being Washington insiders.


Anne said...

I also had a "five years" moment not too long ago...I had gone into the chapel of a church not too far from my office, just completely frustrated at nothing in particular but it was suddenly absolutely necessary to get out of my office, and became aware of the irony that I was praying to get another job in the exact same church where I'd prayed for my current job 5 years earlier.

Ertman-Trowbridge Family said...

So glad to "hear" from you again! I think each of your goals for the year are excellent and achievable. You have my thoughts and prayers toward being successful.

And congrats on your 5 year anniversary! I don't know if I commented to you on facebook about it or not, so I am for sure doing it now.

Dave will also be fully vested with the state at 5 years, but no pension for him. It just means he can borrow 100% from his 401k. Whoopee.

thiscatholicgirl said...

Anne--It's ironic how things come full circle sometimes, isn't it? I continue to keep you in my prayers.
Valerie--Thanks for the encouragment and prayers. Congrats to Dave's upcoming 5-year anniversary! Hope you all are well.