Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Great Falls, Maryland

After a challenging week at work, the weekend was all about play.  Sunday lived up to its name as it was gloriously sunny, making it a perfect day to be outside.  A friend suggested we go to Great Falls, a place I had heard much about but had never been, and so we set out.  We opted to park about a mile or so from the national park entrance, which offered us the opportunity to walk much more and enjoy the fresh air.  As you can see, the walk was beautiful.  I can only imagine how stunning this area looks during autumn! 

We walked approximately a mile up the C & O Canal, and gradually made our way over to the Potomac River.  Along the way, however, there were a few small bridges to cross.  Not a big deal for me since they had railings, but when I leaned against a railing and it gave about 2 inches, all I could think was that although I hadn't figured out the purpose of my life, I was about to plunge to an icy cold, rocky death (pictured at right).  I'm not sure if it was God or the devil who wanted to see how quickly my heart rate could rise, but I recovered and we moved on. 

We eventually made our way to the Potomac River and enjoyed the sound of the rushing water and the warmth of the sun, mused about the shapes of clouds, and discussed life.  We didn't come up with an answer, other than it was pretty damn good that day, and "we may never pass this way again." 

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