Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Cunning Kiddos

Little Miss Hailey is one smart seven month old.  She's fun, always ham for the camera, and has her Auntie(s) wrapped around her little finger.  "Let her cry it out," says Mommy, but Auntie just can't help herself.  And the little girl knows it.  Want sympathy?  Just start crying and crawling toward Auntie.  Auntie meets her halfway, scoops her up, bounces, sways, and does whatever it takes to make that little girl happy...sometimes much to Mommy's dismay.  Auntie might be a sucker for this cunning little girl, but it's worth it to see the smile on her face and hear the cooing of a happy baby.

Ryan, my three year old nephew, also knows how to work the system.  He'll climb into his Auntie's lap being cute and cuddly and say, "Hi.  I love you."  This is usually followed by something to the effect of, "Want some lemonade?"  "No, thank you.  I don't want any lemonade."  "Ryan lemonade?"  Sometimes he's just too cute to resist!  His Aunties, not wanting to be outdone, have also slapped him with an "Aunt tax".  Yesterday he was eating a doughnut when both of his Aunties fined him a bite.  :) 

Other fun things we've been doing include piggyback rides, playing soccer and hockey, finding fun games/parts for the old N64, and visiting Grandma Wright.  It's all absolutely exhausting, especially as the kiddos wake up at 6:15 most mornings...oy.  But, it's lots of fun, too.  Plans (and daily pace) will shift a bit in another day, as I'm heading over to Grand Rapids (GR) for lunch with two of my college professors.  After that, I have plans with various friends for a couple of days before I make my way back to Lansing for Mom's birthday weekend.  Pictures to post this weekend.  Hope you're having a blessed week!

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