Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Vacation 2010

After a month away from the blogosphere, I'm back! Most of July was spent back home in Michigan--two and a half weeks with a variety of family and friends, all over the Mitten! Much of my vacation was spent in the Lansing area with my parents, two sisters, 8 month old niece and 3 year old nephew. We played, danced, sang, read, celebrated Mom and Grandma W.'s birthday, travelled Up North, shopped, ate plenty of delicious food, saw the sights, had fun in two of the Great Lakes, and took naps. When I wasn't doing all of that with them, I was off to Grand Rapids to visit with two of my professors (Guten Tag, Seegers!), and a bunch of friends from my college years. It was a great time visiting our old haunts, discovering new places, and it was especially fun spending an afternoon at Lake Michigan with one of my closest friends on her birthday. I had a fantastic time seeing everyone and travelling the state, but when I returned to DC I took two days off to recuperate--a short vacation from my vacation!

Shortly after I came back to DC, my youngest sister came for a visit.  Since we had only seen each other a few days prior, it really felt like an extension of my vacation.  We went to Eastern Market, the Basilica, and went to see the movie "Inception" (which, btw, is really amazing--a visual marvel with an intricate storyline, I highly recommend it!).  When we weren't out, we continued our tradition of watching DVDs of "Will & Grace", and just enjoying each other's company.  Lil Sis left a week ago and I've been missing her ever since.  However, in the midst of two very busy weeks at work, I'm looking forward to returning to Michigan in a little over a week to say farewell to one of my cousins who is being deployed to the Middle East.  Not a fun reason to go home, but I am looking forward to seeing my family again...and so soon! 

That's all for today--hope to post a few pictures once I figure out how to do it properly.  Hope you are having a peaceful week!

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