Thursday, July 15, 2010

Wheel Want

Living in the city, I'm within walking distance to work, church, Metro, and plenty of shops and restaurants.  Fortunately, I do not need or own a car.  But as I was out walking this evening, I saw this car and did a double take.  This is a Dodge Caliber.  I want one.  But I don't need one.  It would be nice to have the freedom to not be reliant on Metro--especially on weekends when delays and track work are inevitable.  Perhaps my want stems from my lack of owning anything more expensive than the bed I purchased last winter.  If I need wheels, I have Zipcar.  I don't own a condo or house, but rent a studio apartment.  The most expensive things I do have, like much of America, are student loans and some credit card debt.  And, until those are paid off (only 3 years left on that student loan!) I won't even begin to seriously consider a major purchase.  Window shopping is fun, though!  :)

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